Why do I allow suffering ? ..... A response from God


Why do I allow suffering?
Do you really believe I do?
Well, before I answer your question
I have some questions for you:

Why is there so much poverty?
Is it because I do not care?
There's wealth enough for everyone
If only you'd learn to share.

You give money to the third world nations
Yet still they suffer and die
Instead of building industry
It's weapons that they buy

Send them food instead
So that hungry mouths they feed
Men with guns will take their food
It's all because of greed !

Next you send your soldiers
To try and end their wars
Now your people go without
To fund your army's cause.

You fight wars in religion's name
That doesn't mean you do my will
Perhaps you were not listening
When I told you not to kill.

Your religions become your idols
Man gods you enthrone
How often have I warned you
To worship me alone ?


Crime grows out of poverty
Your sick die through lack of care
Do you think that I was joking
When I taught that YOU should care ?


Divorce on the increase, Families torn apart
AIDS spreads through the land
I told you not to commit adultery
What part did you not understand?


You work yourselves to early graves
Your lives become so stressed
Do you think I was being petty
When I gave you a day of rest?


You lie, cheat and bear false witness
You must have all you see
I told you not to covet
Why don't you listen to me?


I gave you my laws, you ignored them
My prophets; you ignore them too
I gave you my son and you murdered him
What more do you want me to do ?


I've tried to help you live in peace
You destroy yourselves all the same
I've loved you with an everlasting love
But you still blaspheme my name


Who are you to question God ?
I owe no explanation to you
You tell me why YOU allow suffering?
When I've told you all you need to do !

By kind permission of "Christian United People"