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Welcome to GATES OF PRAISE Christian Community


Gates of Praise New Creation Christian Community is just one of many Christian Communiy Houses belonging to a much larger Church Jesus Fellowship Church who's aims are to be a contemporary expression of the historic Christian faith.
All kinds of people are involved: young and old, rich and poor.
The Jesus Army is particularly active with many in need, including homeless young people, prisoners and ex-prisoners and those involved in alcohol and drug abuse.
Be part of Jesus' revolution. Spread the word. Live the Gospel

My stay in Community. by a visitor from Germany.

To move into Christian community is in several ways comparable with adventure holidays. If you go to an adventure holiday camp you might have a rough idea about the setting, the duration and principal rules but in the majority of cases you have no clue what it will be about.

I had the same kind of preparation before I came to Gates of Praise: I had a quick look at the map to find out where on earth Kettering was, and knew the guiding principles I had to adapt myself to. However, without any expectations I came to Gates of Praise. Without any time to recover from the journey my expedition through the wild life called community began. It meant lending a hand whenever and to whosoever needed it regardless of personal priorities or moods. Going along with this fact means adapting yourself to a new timetable that divides your week into a alternation of highlights and simple meetings. Consequently, you never really lose community.

To find time for yourself is a precious gift as there are always people around, which means the painful experience of dying to some habits or attitudes. This should not be understood as community being the graveyard of all features characterizing a person. Far from it! It is above all the place where people can contribute to the well being of the household by investing their gifts and time.

It is the place of true and deep relationships because in hardly any other situation do you have the 24-7 opportunity to talk to some one who you trust the very moment you need to. A challenge it is because you have to go along with people you would not choose as friends, It is never a nice feeling to get your wings clipped but it is always best to go through the mill with people whose hearts are planted in Zion. (For full version see About Us)

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