News Update

Dec Sat 31st. Well we've been on our own for 2 months now, it's been a time of enjoying time with each other again. A time to look back and a time to look forward, we have a real sense that God has a plan for our future so we are not rushing into making any decisions, but we are getting certain feelings of what we would like.

Dec Wed 7th. Things at home continue to be quiet, however our work load at St Judes just keeps on growing it's going to require some hard choices in the future if things continue the way they are going.

Nov Frid 25th. Tried to sweep the chimney a couple of weeks ago only to find it is blocked somewhere plus a couple of bricks came down. Decided to give up on it, got a coal effect electric fire of EBay yesterday and installed today in the lounge, hope it keeps everyone warm enough tomorrow.

Nov Tue 1st. Just the two of us left in the house now, Tony and Barbara, while looking forward to some quality time together I shall miss the fellowship.

Oct Wed 19th. Our involvement with St Dudes continues to go well, we've had several new volunters, goods donated from organisations, lots of food from several churches and cash donations from individuals. There's a real feeling of it all coming together.

Oct Wed 5th. Had a very welcome long Email from Stephen in Zambia this evening, he continues to press ahead with the orphanage and school despite the poverty and lack of funds. He is a real inspiration to us, our problems are small compared to his.

Oct Sat 1st. We have just finished a very busy week at St Judes, lots of meetings with agency staff and local church leaders which has given some direction and objectives. there's an overwhelming feeling that God is in this as more and more it comes together and other church leaders come on board.

Sept Thur 22nd. It's been a mixed week so far, not many visitors to St Judes but busy meeting other Church Leaders to encourage the drive for more volunteers. It's important to us that St Judes is a joint Churches Together venture and as many as possible are involved.

Sept Frid 16th. Tony gets the all clear after his Angiogram at the hospital yesterday.

Sept Thur 15th. A bit quieter this week after a very busy week last week. we were invited to give a short prenentation to the Lions Club on monday evening about the work at ST Judes. This we feel sure will result in some financial support and maybe some volunteers.

Sept Sat 3rd. Well we have finished our first week of standing in the gap at St Judes,PHOTO we have had two more volunteers from other churches so far. It's been a busy week and last night was the busiest Friday night we have had, so it just makes it all worth while.

Aug Frid 26th. Our first day of standing in the gap at St Dudes Drop In as we begin the process of setting up a steering group and list of volunteers from the "Churches Together" to make sure this vital facility for the Homeless stays open.

Aug Thur 25th. We said goodbye to Jane and Niki who have workrd at St judes for several years and done a great job. We shall miss their experience and wealth of contacts. St Judes will now be staffed by volunteers.

Aug Tue 16th. We had a meeting today on the future of St Judes, there is a definite need for the service it provides, all very positive, we now need enough volunteers to staff it.

Aug Sat 13th. A busy night at St Judes last night, it's very satisfying to be able to demonstrate the Kingdom by just serving the poor and needy in this way.

Aug Wed 10th. Dave, Caroline and Toni down near Stowmarket looking after grand children while daugther is in hospital having a baby.

Aug Sat 6th. Heidi back home after her stay in Skegness, is was also good to see Max and Chrisie again. Also a couple of lads round from last night.

Aug Frid 5th. Another busy night at St Judes, some new faces and old friends.

Aug Mon 1st. Took Heidi to stay with her parents, the rest of us spent the day in Skegness.

July Sat 30th. Our busiest night so far last night at St Judes, (it didn't rain) a good crowd and a good atmosphere.

July Tues 26th. The future of St Judes is in the balance at the moment, although we are active in trying to keep it open it needs more involvement from the members of the other churches in the town.

July Sat 16th. Well last night was quiet, St Judes had been closed all day so people stayed away in the evening

July Frid 15th. It's been a busy week so far with a visit to a local Anglican Vicar on monday, contact with Stephen in Zambia, a homeless teenager staying with us the last three nights, building a couple of computers for St Judes dropin and looking forward to a busy evening down at St judes tonight.

July Sat 2nd. Household visit to Foxton Locks in the evening, a sun burnt Tony returns from camping.

July Frid 1st. Friday evenings at St Judes continues to grow.

June Thur 30th. Tony away camping for three days with Tim and Paul.

June Sat 25th. London day, thankfully dry and warm and generaly a good day. It was a blessing to travel by coach this time and not have to drive and worry about parking. Photo's more London Day photo's Photo's

June Frid 24th. This is the third wet friday evening in a row, thankfully a few braved the weather and we had a good evening at St Judes.

June Sat 18th. The unsettled weather has not been very helpfull, it was raining all evening yesterday so last nights drop in was quiet, todays campaign was better with sunny spells between the showers. We gave away over 200 bottles of water in the town centre and did a litter pick localy and on one of the estates.

June Mon 13th. Up early to get Stephen to the coach at 0720 as he starts his journey back to Zambia, he will certainly be missed but we hope to be in regular contact.

June Frid 10th. Fairly Quiet nite at St Judes.

June Thur 9th. Took Stephen down to Ipswich today to Tools With A Mission, he is now in the system and will eventualy receive much needed equipment to help people to be able to work and support themselves.

June Tue 7th. Dave and Caroline working in Ipswich yesterday and made contact with Tools With A Mission and found that they ship tools to Kitwe, Zambia. and that Dave knows the regional co-ordinator. God is so amazing.

June Sun 5th. Three of us were out on the streets and the local park picking litter yesterday afternoon, a great opportunity to talk to people.

June Sat 4th. Last night was our first evening of opening the Drop In at St Jude's, it is nornmaly only open lunch times during the week. Our vision is to open it at least 2 evenings a week, with free food and drinks.

June Thur 2nd. A good gathering for our evening meal and to celebrate Kirsty's birhtday which is on the 3rd, it's been good to see more of Paul and Kirsty.PHOTO

May Tue 31st. Agap'e, We continue to brake the mould, Freedom in worship and sharing of fresh vision to serve the community with the love of Jesus.

May Mon 30th. At the end of the Power Weekend we called at Pitsford reservoir.PHOTO

May Sun 29th. Stephen finaly arrived 11.45am in Northampton.

May Sat 28th. Just had an EMail from Stephen to say he will not be arriving until Sunday Morning.

May Thur 26th. It was good to have a few extra to our evening meal this evening.

May Wed 25th. Stephens flight booked for Friday, expecting him here around mid day Saturday.

May Tue 24th. Had a text from Stephen (Zambia) unfortunately his wife and son will not be coming with him as the letter of invitation did not arrive so they were not able to get visa's, Stephen now has a flight booked for Friday 27th.

May Sun 22nd. Our turn to take the meeting so Cafe style church sunday evening, short video clips and lively music, demonstration of the kingdom.

May Sat 21st. Sat afternoon/evening was spent at Hills and Dales having a walk and Picnic.

May Thur 19th. Dave and I visited St Jude's (old YMCA) to have a chat with Mark with a view to using it on Friday evenings.

May Wed 18th. I managed to contact Stephen this morning who was on the border crossing from Tanzania back into Zambia on his way back home. We are looking forward to seeing him and his family for the Bank Holiday Weekend.

May Mon 16th. We have been supporting an orphanage in Zambia for several months, doing things at long range has its problems, the phone network in Zambia leaves a lot to be desired, its now been two weeks since we last had any contact.

May Sat 14th. Rushden very quiet last night, we are considering the way forward and asking wether Rushden has served it's purpose.

May Thur 12th. Barbara's birthday today, lots of friends around for dinner.

May Mon 9th. Just about back to normal after a week of a big sort out and tidy up, Dave, Caroline and Toni have been here a week now and settled in to life at Gates of Praise bringing a much needed change as we explore working out our new life together.

Apl Wed 27th. Back to Ipswich to clean up and hand over the house, Tony and Barbara brought the car back to Kettering, Dave, Caroline and Toni will leave Ipswich for the last time on Sat.

Apl Sunday and Monday at the Marquee for a great weekend

Apl Sat 23rd. Van returned to Ipswich and back to Kettering in the Car.

Apl Frid 22nd. Dave, Caroline and Toni arrive with Van full of furniture and belongings, evening spent unloading contents into the spare bedroom.

Apl Thur 14th. A house full this evening to our Friendship Meal, a taste of things to come.

Apl Wed 13th. We had a trip down to Ipswich to bring back some furniture, Dave and Caroline followed us back to spend a few days.

Apl Mon 4th. Dave Caroline and Toni viewing Toni's proposed new school in Kettering this morning, another step towards their final move to Gates of Praise.

Apl Frid 1st. Another busy night in Rushden, Dave made it in time from Ipswich to join us, ran out of Hot Dogs once again.

Mar Sun 27th. Was real blessed this evening when two people from work came to the evening meeting and then back home for supper.

Mar Sat 26th. Baptism's this evening at the chapel.

Mar Frid 25th. Busy tonight in Rushden, non stop from the moment we set up until we had run out of hot dogs.

Mar Frid 18th. A fairly quiet night in Rushden again, small groups of youngsters around.

Mar Thur 17th. Dave, Caroline and Toni staying for a long weekend.

Mar Mon 14th. Just had a great weekend, unexpected visit by Dave, Caroline and Toni on friday to stay the weekend. Saturday night house meeting relaxd and free. Sunday morning meeting was refreshing and carried life, more around for Sunday lunch made it feel more like it should be. May this just be the start of things to come.

Mar Tue 8th. It was good to have Neil with us for Agap'e to night.

Mar Mon 7th. Barbara home late afternoon, we have set up a bedroom down stairs for her and to help her feel more a part of whats going on.

Mar Frid 4th. Had to give Rushden a miss again tonight due to illness.

Feb Mon 28th. Barbara in hospital after falling and breaking her hip last night, having a partial hip replacement operation late this afternoon.

Feb Sat 19th. A very good day in Birmingham, annointed worship and a real sense that God is on the move and changes are taking place.

Feb Thur 16th. It was a real joy to have two extra visitors to our evening meal and to be able to help out in a practical way.

Feb Wed 15th. Spent the day visiting Dave and Caroline in Ipswich, as always a valuable time of brotherhood and sharing.

Feb Sun 13th. Our morning meeting today was at the Jesus Centre Northampton, anointed worship and a sense that God is changing us all helped to make it a great time.

Feb Sat 12th. Fairly quiet in Rushden last night but at least the weather was mild.

Feb Thur 10th. Heard from Stephen in Zambia that he has recieved the second payment we sent for the orphanage.

Feb Frid 4th. A very windy night as much of the country suffered gales, we had problems keeping the gas alight in Rushden but praise God we managed to serve Hot Dogs to eveyone.

Feb Tue 1st. We were at Yvonnes for dinner monday evening, (part of our trying to visit everyone) and most of the day at our daughter Charlotte's on tuesday. It's not doing the diet much good.

Jan Sat 29th. A very good day at the Church Growth Conference, there's a real sense of change taking place.

Jan Frid 28th. Busy and very cold night in Rushden, for the first time ever we had problems with the gas freezing.

Jan Sat 22nd. Lots of lively teenages in Rushden last night, busy time for us as Heidi is visiting her mother, we met a brother who was around the church 15yrs ago.

Jan Thur 20th. Birthday Buffet for Heidi and Genny this evening meant we had another house full, it's been a busy week so far this week.

Jan Wed 19th. We had a man from Latvia knock on the door just as we were about to start our Agape meeting last night, he'd had a few and was looking for somewhere to sleep for the night. We fed him and let him spend the night on the settee, after toast and several strong coffee's this morning and more sleep, he was very greatful and went on his way.

Jan Mon 17th. We spent the evening with Arthur and Genny celebrating Genny's bithday.

Jan Sat 15th. Last night and the previous friday night were busy in Rushden, things seem to have picked up in the new year with lots more teenagers around, the weather is much milder than it has been so no doubt that helps. We are expecting a visit from Heidi's father and step mother today and one or two of her friends coming for lunch.

Jan Mon 3rd. Dave, Caroline and Toni up for the day, always so good to see them. Plus a visit from Paul "Standard Bearer" this afternoon.

Jan Sun 2nd. Ended a busy weekend with a rare visit to HEART, (our normal hall not available)